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Gerald Te Velde provides excellent grass-fed beef and more. He is visiting Toronto from time to time. Here is his notice for the next visit. I will be adding this to Facebook, as well.


Good afternoon,

I am planning to come to Toronto this week on Thursday March 12th.  I will be at 974 College St(Pantry) near Rusholme.  I will be there from 4:30-7:00pm.

All my meat will be frozen this time.  I will have a good selection of my grass-fed beef and  a good selection of my pastured pork as well.  I am out of my lamb until May-June.

If you are not able to place an order before I come please feel free to stop in and see what I have.

The following is what I will have available and my prices per lb.

My pork is frozen:


Loin Chops                                            $10.00
Loin Roast (boneless)                       $ 11.00
Shoulder-Butt Chops                           $7.50
Shoulder/Butt Roasts                          $6.50
Ground Pork                                            $5.00
Pork Side Ribs                                         $5.00
Ham Steaks                                               $7.00
Ham Roast(3-4lbs ea.)                          $6.50
Pork Leg Snitzel(boneless)                 $8.00
Farmer Sausage (4/pk)                        $6.00
Bacon                                                           $6.00
Smoked Pork Hock                                 $4.50

My beef is frozen:

Prime Rib Roast                                     $  12.00
Sirloin Tip Roast (boneless)             $    9.00
Oven Roast (Round/Blade)(boneless) $   7.00
Pot Roast (boneless)                           $   6.00
Eye of Round                                         $   8.00
Rib Steak                                                $ 13.00
T-bone Steak                                        $ 13.00
Sirloin Steak                                        $  11.00
Blade Steak                                          $   7.00
Stewing Beef                                         $  6.50
Stir Fry Beef                                         $  6.50
4pk Beef Patties                              $  7.00 ea
Ground Beef                                        $  5.50

I am also offering  frozen ground beef for $5.00/lb for a min. of 10lbs.

Thank you for supporting your small diverse and “beyond organic” family farm,

Gerald  te Velde
Twin Creeks Organic Farm

“Beyond Organic”

From our farm to your home!

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