Silence is Not Golden

"You could not write that as a book. Nobody would believe it."

I have said those words myself about circumstances which seem cliched or outlandish but are true. At this time of the year, with friends and their children on the March of the Living, I fully understand the conundrum.

I sometimes have trouble remembering what I did yesterday. After eleven years, the visceral feelings of 9/11 are far more muted. The memories of the best and worst of my life are increasingly sepia toned.

I do not have to imagine the difficulty for many to believe the Holocaust could happen. The evil is so big. To acknowledge it meets to accept a level of depravity exists in humanity that we do not want to admit. It is to admit that level of depravity can exist in ourselves. It is a lesson of history that has been replayed since the Holocaust, if on a smaller scales, in Europe, Asia and Africa.
Despite the repetition of this lesson, we still prefer to forget.

The video below is concurrently empowering and troubling. It reminds us that many have worked hard to forget the lessons of the Holocaust even while its survivors are still here. What will happen as the final ones pass? Will the Holocaust become a story from the 20th century to cliched to believe? Meanwhile, watch this video. It may make you think.

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