Bob Rae for Leader – Imagining the Debate

Personally, I am all for Bob Rae running for leadership. That said, I can just imagine some of the debates.

"Of course I admire the efforts of my honoured adversary during his period as Interim leader. That said, leadership is a matter of character.

Let's leave aside that he is a relative newcomer to the Liberal Party, having supported and run for the NDP for most of his adult life.

Let's leave aside the mess he made of Ontario during his almost accidental term as Premier of that promise and how many Ontario voters would vote Conservative before voting for him.

Mr. Rae promised not to run as leader when he took the position of Interim Leader and then used that position and its attendant media and budget to build a foundation to run. Who knows how much of what he did was for the benefit of the party and how much to set up his run for leader?

Character is a big part of being Liberal leader. I don't believe we can trust the character of my honoured adversary."

At some points, the gloves will come off.

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