What did Peter Kent think of Israel before he was an MP?

it is an interesting question for both public and private individuals. What is your level of responsibility for things said many years ago. What is the statute of limitations for contrition?

In this case, Peter Kent reported in a way that is at best unbalanced and at worst anti-Israel. So I have to ask, was Peter Kent reading a script he did not believe in 1987 or is he reading one now as a candidate in Thornhill.

I know where Karen Mock stands on the issues.


2 thoughts on “What did Peter Kent think of Israel before he was an MP?

    Oh do shut up.

    Focus on trying to convince people that increased taxes are a good idea, or that we should return to "balanced foreign policy" (read: abandon Israel).

    You're not going to get any traction trying to discredit the most pro-Israel MP in Canada; certainly not here in Thornhill.

    Don't let the geographic proximity fool you, you Mock-heads are a long way from Fortress Toronto.

    This is Kent territory.

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