Vampire Show – Frightening for a Different Reason

Recently under the weather, I spent a few days on the couch resting, drinking fluids and hoping not to throw up yet again. This last was made more difficult by some of the show I ended up watching on TV.

At a low point, I watched some vampire shows, including True Blood and Vampire Diaries. I also tried to watch one of the Twilight movies but failed to stay awake through it. It seemed the recurring theme of these was:

  • Vampires are real
  • Other supernatural creatures are real
  • One girl or another is in love with the leading man vampire

What struck me in all of these shows is the rather perverse view taken of human life and personal responsibility. Much of these shows seem to focus on helping to hide the killings committed by the vampires, ostensibly because they are trying to improve and not kill other people. When I think back, the theme of dialog seems to be, "I know you killed that person. But I love you so I will cover it up and not tell anyone as long as you promise not to do it again."

I sometimes wonder whether the incredibly moronic people shown in entertainment represent real humanity. In the case of these shows, apparently very popular with young women, do they represent a real morality? Do the watchers truly believe that their adolescent feeling are more important than a respect for human life?

I know these shows are fiction. The show would be much different if the characters did what they should, which is to call in the authorities to address the killing and capture the killer. Far less angst there.

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