Twitter Insight – Kneejerks Are Just Plain Jerks

I have been increasingly astounded at vicious, vitriolic nature of the discussion amongst the supposed conservatives in the US.

Before I share some examples and comments, I want to admit that I am still confused about the various conservative camps. There seem to be a variety, including Republicans, political conservatives, religious conservatives, social conservatives and more. The highest profile seems to be an amalgam of these varieties, who pride themselves on being political, social and economic conservatives.

I was raised in North America. I have an intrinsic belief that anyone can think anything. I believe in the marketplace of ideas. However, I also believe that in order for the marketplace of ideas to function, a certain civility is required. It seems that such civility has been eroded by the shrill voices of who claim to speak for conservatism.

What strikes me most is the almost universal hatred and dislike of their own country. The subtext (and sometimes text) describes a country that is too fragile to withstand any leadership which is in disagreement with any but the most conservative opinion.

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