Syria – What is our interest?

I find myself more than a little conflicted about Syria.

On one side, I hold a dislike of tyrannical governments and their actions. I detest the loss of life in the two year old civil war, especially the deaths of children. The use of chemical weapons on civilians is properly considered an evil act.

On the other side, I do not see the national benefit for Canada or the United States to get involved in a Syrian civil war. No matter who takes power, the people of Syria will not be better off. No matter what happens, Canada and the US will gain nothing. Inevitably, we will squander our treasure and the blood of our military in either a useless gesture or a long term failure.

I wonder whether it might be better to put a perimeter around these folks and let them fight it out. We can provide some humanitarian aid while we let this tribal fighting play itself out.

More thinking on this is needed. What do you think?

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