The not so new normal

When I awoke this morning and checked my computer, there was a message from my daughter who is studying in Israel. It was a one word message, sent by Skype IM from her iPhone. The message? “Bored”

To put this in perspective, my daughter opened Slype on her iPhone and typed in a message which was received 3000 miles away by her father on his Android tablet. He sat down at his Windows 7 laptop, opened Skype and returned the message. A five minute IM conversation ensured. At the end of the conversation, the father was smiling for having talked with his daughter.

In 2013, nothing above is amazing, mysterious or unusual. We do it in our personal and business lives every day. It has quickly become as normal as walking around with a telephone in your pocket.

We live an existence of change and uncertainty. We should celebrate.





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