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2012 April - It's Not the Destination, It's the Journey - Finding Clarity
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Silence is Not Golden

“You could not write that as a book. Nobody would believe it.”

I have said those words myself about circumstances which seem cliched or outlandish but are true. At this time of the year, with friends and their children on the March of the Living, I fully understand the conundrum.


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Posted by Carey Miller - April 24, 2012 at 6:51 pm

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Bob Rae for Leader – Imagining the Debate

Personally, I am all for Bob Rae running for leadership. That said, I can just imagine some of the debates.

"Of course I admire the efforts of my honoured adversary during his period as Interim leader. That said, leadership is a matter of character.

Let's leave aside that he is a relative newcomer to the Liberal Party, having supported and run for the NDP for most of his adult life.

Let's leave aside the mess he made of Ontario during his almost accidental term as Premier of that promise and how many Ontario voters would vote Conservative before voting for him.

Mr. Rae promised not to run as leader when he took the position of Interim Leader and then used that position and its attendant media and budget to build a foundation to run. Who knows how much of what he did was for the benefit of the party and how much to set up his run for leader?

Character is a big part of being Liberal leader. I don't believe we can trust the character of my honoured adversary."

At some points, the gloves will come off.

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Posted by Carey Miller - April 22, 2012 at 5:21 pm

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The Odd New Meaning of Phobic

<Note: I am starting back up some content for this blog. More current content is coming.>

As I take in my steady stream of media, I find bothered by the repetition of some new words that seem to have meanings that make little sense. There are many such words but I am wondering today about the odd use of the word phobia, as in homophobia and Islamophobia.

On Twitter today I saw a tweet that TOBuilt, an interesting database of Toronto buildings, was shutting down. It is an interesting site which I have visited and I was surprised. Going to the site, I saw the following letter on the home page:

October 25, 2010: End of TOBuilt

Thanks for your support over the years. I no longer have time to maintain this site or keep the data up to date. I've struggled with a decision about whether or not to re-engage and become more active with gathering data and photographing buildings, but my heart has not been in it.

Tonight, with the election of Rob Ford, my mind has been made up about how to proceed. Our new belligerent, homophobic, liar of a mayor, and the fact that the city around me voted for him overwhelmingly, seals my decision. Torontonians have voted for four years of backwardness and chaos, and I at the moment I have no desire at all to even be in the city, much less traveling its breadth in a quest to document its built environment.  

Thanks for your support over the years. Best of luck. 

I was surprised at the action but not surprised at the vehemence. I have been hearing Rob Ford vilified during the mayoral campaign as racist, anti-immigrant and homophobic.

Phobia defines a fear. Many now seem to have conflated disagreement with fear. This causes a freeze on discussions which are in any way outside the PC.

What a shame.

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Posted by Carey Miller - April 14, 2012 at 11:10 am

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