Year: 2009

The Audacity of an Early Victory

I remember watching the Democratic Party national convention in 2004. While Canadian and focused on the politics of my own country, I am always interested in the politics of our great neighbour to the south. Politically, I could best be described as a pragmatist, believing it unlikely that one party has the complete, correct answer.


Spider Robinson is one of the few authors whose books I reread with pleasure. Filled with ideas, his books are also written to stimulate the pleasure centres of the brain. One just cannot help but smile when reading any of the Callahan series. The smile continues to his other work, including the books he wrote with his wife, Jeanne.

After both Robinsons have given me such pleasure, the least I can do is relay their request to you, the reader. You can read below about Jeanne’s health issues and how we can all provide her assistance