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IT Project Failures – Massive and Spectacular

March 27, 2009 Carey Miller 0

The project to provide an IT system to support a new way of working with offenders was to be introduced by January 2008, and had an approved lifetime cost of £234 million to 2020. By July 2007, £155 million had been spent on the project, it was two years behind schedule, and estimated lifetime project costs had risen to £690 million.

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From Alex’s Soapbox – Up or Out: Solving the IT Turnover Crisis

March 26, 2009 admin 1

If you’ve worked at enough companies in the IT industry, you’ve probably noticed that the most talented software developers tend to not stick around at one place for too long. The least talented folks, on the other hand, entrench themselves deep within the organization, often building beachheads of bad code that no sane developer would dare go near, all the while ensuring their own job security and screwing up just enough times not to get fired.

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More truthiness required

March 23, 2009 admin 0

More diatribe later. Right now the question: Where is the media when the Comedy Network and on-line comics provide more insight than their 24 hour […]