Why Hire Rossi? Does Experience Count?

I like Rocco and I think he is an intelligent man and good speaker. However, I cringe when I hear him repeat his reasons why voters should vote for a candidate with no history of elective office. Some of the reasons I remember include:

  1. I am not a professional politician. Toronto has not elected a mayor in 108 years who has not sat on council. The definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  (Albert Einstein)
  2. I want to create term limits for mayors and council. I don't want to become a career politician.

I so want to hear Rocco tell it like it is:

  1. I am a businessman with a lot of experience. Big companies brought me in not because I had direct experience with their specific products but because I had the skills and talents to improve their situations.
  2. I was born in Toronto. I live in Toronto and my family lives in Toronto. If there was a good choice for mayor amongst the other candidates, I might support them. But given the choices available, I have to keep running.
  3. I live in Toronto. I want to become Mayor, implement some key improvements to the way the city is run and then move on to other things. I am a successful man and I cannot afford to be mayor for more than two terms. It does not pay well enough.
  4. Find me a candidate who will not make the city worse and I will leave the race today. I have a great network and have no doubt their are great opportunities for me and my family.

Altruism is a suspicious motivation. I don't trust it in myself and I trust it less in others. Rocco is not an altruist. Let him just say so.

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