Violence at Trump Rally Disqualifying? Let’s Remember the Shawinigan Handshake.

Listening to the Sunday shows again as the “experts” expound on Donald Trump. This time, they are horrified that Donnie did not self-flagellate because of some violence at his rallies. This, they hope, will be the reason people run away from the Donald.

Two thoughts come to mind.

  1. All respect to the Trump team. Every Sunday morning hour spent almost every minute on Trump. At this point in a marathon primary, they cannot stop talking about the candidate they ostensibly think will doom the Republican Party. As much as they lay claim to some high level of journalistic ethics, if it is loud, shiny or bleeding, it is what they cover. An example of this coverage, in The Telegraph, can be found in the article “Donald Trump fans flames over violence at his campaign rallies.
  2. So many people think that threats of violence or actual violence is disqualifying. To me, it brings back thoughts of Jean Chretien’s Shawinigan Handshake and brings a smile to my face. While not his defining moment, it taught Canada that JC did more than just talk tough.Shawinigan_Handshake

It will be interesting to see, on Tuesday, whether the blather hurts or helps Donnie Boy. I am thinking the latter.

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