The Aborted Debate between Imam Shehryar Shaikh & Tarek Fatah

I arrived late to the debate between Imam Shehryar Shaikh & Tarek Fatah, expecting to walk in to the second third of a very interesting debate. I was disappointed that Mr. Fatah was not present and that the debate was turned into a monologue. I was not the only one. As I exited, I chatted with several people who had hoped for more.

Mr. Fatah has laid out his reasons for not attending. While there seem to be multiple versions of events, you can visit Mr. Fatah’s and NAMF’s sites, as well as Facebook, Twitter and a bevy of blogs to get their various slants.

For those that did not attend, here is what remained of the aborted debate, as posted on YouTube. Consider your own opinions. To me, it rather looks like the fellow took much of the time to slag Mr. Fatah.

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  1. Well duh…Tarek had challenged the muslim community to a debate…and the imam accepted it. Ofcourse his ‘talk’ would be abotu refuting Tarek and exposing his lies!
    Tarek Chicked out because all he is good at is lying and fearmongering…he doesnt have the intellect to debate islamic scholarship…or any scholarship for that matter!

    What a disgrace!

  2. Very slow. No actual proof of anything. The video compilation is an hour and 19 minutes. If there is any proof that NAMF wants to present, just put it out without the ominous background music and interminably slow production.

    Perhaps the public is too accustomed to short 2 min. sound bytes.  But for anyone who watches the video, it is ludicrous to say that there is no proof of anything in it.  The whole video documents where and when the exact lies by Tarek and his group took place.  I find it fascinating that someone can watch it and only comment "There is nothing in it".   What about the 4-5 instances of changing the allegations against NAMF?  what about the email correspondence between neil bulloch and tarek?  what about the video footage of several other cameras present at the venue?  what about the police quotes?  if this is not proof againt tarek, then nothing can ever convince you that the man is a liar.

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