Thanks Steve

I still remember fondly the first computer ever to find its way into the family home. The Apple IIe was magic, allowing these clumsy finger to type badly, then delete the virtual mistakes.

I remember Gary Gladstone and myself huddled over the computer pounding out our B'nai Brith Lodge newsletters and flyers. It sometimes took a while to print out on the dot matrix.

The magic box, in a very real way, steered my life.

Thanks Steve. RIP


  1. I remember in91, at Concordia, when I touched an apple computer for the first time. It was one of those small box like screens. I remember how easy it was. It was for a psychology course I was taking–our professor had given us our homework questions on the computer, and we had to answer them electronically. It was considered innovative at the time. I remember wondering how he would get all the homework then, after all, it was before email, before internet was so widely used. 
    I had also discovered that I could draw little pictures so easily on those very same computers with such ease. I had always enjoyed drawing, but was never very good at it and found that that little computer made me look like some kind of artist. Not exactly the greats of times past, but better than if I drew freehand.  It was then I had developped an interest in graphic arts. 
    Years later, I would go study in graphic arts and prepress techniques, of course on the much more modern IMACs. 

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