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James Morton, Candidate for Liberal Party VP English, Supports Young Liberals

It was really good to see James Morton take the lead in supporting the Young Liberals. A lovely letter of thanks and support from Mateusz.



Enormous thanks to James Morton, Candidate for VP (English) of the Liberal Party of Canada, who contributed $250 to sponsor a Young Liberals of Canada delegation to the UN Conference on Climate Change.

Young Liberals are working hard to raise funds and are counting on your support. James has challenged all the National Executive officers and candidates and their friends to match or better his generous donation.

Our exceptional young delegates were selected though a competitive nationwide process and are organizing town halls in their communities to inform other youth about climate change and our party’s proud record of environmental achievements. They look forward to taking Liberal pride to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

Please support James Morton’s challenge by forwarding this challenge to Presidential hopefuls Sheila Copps, Mike Crawley, Alexandra Mendès and Ron Hartling and Director Candidates Zack Paiken and Kyle Harrietha, as well as your friends and colleagues. Click here to meet the Morton Challenge.

Mateusz Trybowski
International Federation of Liberal Youth
Fédération Internationale des Jeunesses Libérales

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Posted by Carey Miller - October 24, 2011 at 6:27 pm

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All Politics is Local

There is a small subculture of political animals. They include the backroom people, the talking heads, the policy wonks, the koolade drinkers and a few more species. Then there are the rest of us. We watch the news and keep track of what is happening in our country and our world. We sometimes watch the political animals roaring about real and perceived slights and issues, subtly discounting much of it as noise. We regret that there is so much noise going on in the capital that the positive things most of us agree on rarely seem to progress.

When it comes time for an election, some Canadians barely pay attention. Others, including myself, look to see which candidates and which parties most reflect our interests and philosophies. We see this as important because we have to trust that our representatives, once elected, will passionately and effectively reflect our interests.

As we come closer to the next federal election (not saying when, just that it will inevitably come) I look to people who I have known for years and watched gather impressive accomplishments. Once such is my friend, Karen Mock.

Elect Karen Mock MP for Thornhill

You can start to learn about Karen from her candidate web site, at http://karenmock.liberal.ca. But to get the full picture, Google her. You will begin to understand my support. Karen is a woman who leads both by consensus and with strength.

Have a look. Do your research. I am confident that you will be impressed with Karen.

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Posted by Carey Miller - January 30, 2011 at 3:45 pm

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Rossi “Together We Can” Video

I will do another entry on the content of the Together We Can plan published by Rocco Rossi today. However, this entry is to show you the associated video. It is well done and exciting. It also features your author at the beginning. The slightly hoarse voice at the start belongs to the fellow in the tan jacket. That would be yours truly.

Check out the video. I hope it leads you to visit www.roccorossi.com and decide to vote Rossi for Mayor.


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Posted by Carey Miller - October 5, 2010 at 9:37 pm

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My Pragmatic Choice – Rocco Rossi for Mayor

Over the last few months, I have been volunteering for the Rocco Rossi mayoral campaign. I have participated in fund raising events, attended community events and been a part of the social media campaign. Given the status of Rocco in the polls, perhaps it is worthwhile – if only for myself – to elucidate the reasons for my support.

Let me provide some overview for those who do not know my views. I am not sure that I am an average voter, whatever that might be. I see myself as a pragmatist, wanting to glean the best ideas from multiple inputs. I am a member of the Liberal party but not a koolaid drinker. My support is not automatic. I want to hear ideas that make sense to this long-time project management expert. I want to know that the ideas and the candidates pass the smell test.


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Posted by Carey Miller - July 25, 2010 at 10:28 am

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