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Is A Little Corruption a Bad Thing?

The right yells about left wing corruption. As an example, Rob Ford screams about spending “scandals” approved by lefty councilors. The left yells about tax and regulation cuts for corporations owned by the richest amongst us. Oddly, most of the examples shown are factual, though whether they are corruption is a matter of interpretation.

As I listen to the continual diatribes about corruption, my recurring response is, “Yes. Of course. Why is this a surprise?”


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Posted by Carey Miller - August 28, 2010 at 11:04 am

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Maher – Obama needs some GWB swagger

Bill Maher focused on Obama’s seeming need to be popular with everyone in this particular monologue.

It seems the true believers have discovered what seemed obvious all the time, that Obama is a very conservative liberal.

Perhaps it is necessary to observe from outside (I am in Canada) to understand how odd the US political landscape looks. Considering the political spectrum in most of the western world (i.e. Canada, UK, Sweden, France) both the Democrats and Republicans are well on the right. The Dems are just not quite as far to the right as the GOP.

Maher talks about health care, bank reform, climate change and ending the wars. He mentions that none of Obama’s plans seem to go far enough to impact any of these issues. This is not surprising. Obama seems to go out of his way to try to not offend. He is running again.

The US seems to be structured to avoid real change.

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Posted by Carey Miller - June 16, 2009 at 1:12 am

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