Stupid Memes: ‘Roll Over Every Liberal Left In The Country’

“Comment is dangerous and might trigger someone to terrorist action,” state cowards, morons and humourless social media nitwits.

The “United We Roll” protest rolled into Ottawa last Tuesday (Feb 19th, 2019) with out-sized noise and even more out-sized media coverage. Among the politicians willing to be seen with this group (after all, according to many, the Yellow Vests organizing the protests are alt-right, racist, xenophobic and worse) was Saskatchewan Sen. David Tkachuk.

Tkachuk was addressing a few hundred “United We Roll” protesters when he made the comment “I know you’ve rolled all the way here, and I’m going to ask you one more thing: I want you to roll over every Liberal left in the country. Because when they’re gone. These bills are gone.”

Have a look at some of the coverage of this horrible threat to Liberals across Canada and the world:

Needless to say, seconds after this was said, the professional outrage watchers took to their various channels of the vomitorium which is social media (yes, I know that is not really the definition of vomitorium but it sounds like the right word. If you are offended, too damned bad). Obviously, such a statement is a callout to the alt-right, xenophobic Nazis to harm Liberals, progressive and other right-thinking type. There was even a comment, I cannot remember exactly where, stating it was too soon to say this after the Toronto Van murders.

The Senator has refused, to this point, to apologize for this statement, which he states is just a figure of speech ( Good for him.

I understand the desire of the outrage class to decimate Senator Tkachuk and those who think like him. Obviously, they are Nazis and must be annihilated. It is only right. How dare the guy use a phrase commonly used in sports, gaming and politics. Does he know that, whatever he says will be interpreted in a negative way? Does he not realize that he is obviously a Nazi and his only option is to shut the fuck up?

For those who made an issue of this, you are an exhausting group of obtuse literalists who are making great contributions to the downturn of our country and our culture. If you have your way, you will be screaming your support of free speech, for every person who agrees with you.

Take a breath. Think about intent. Think about context. Then move away from your keyboard and do something, anything, else but tweet.

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