SPAM Warning!!! – Urgent

I received this e-mail today. I am an experienced user and it still took me a few moments to catch that it was a VERY DANGEROUS PHISHING SPAM. Read the content below. If you receive something similar, delete without reply. If you think this might be from your provider, call them by phone or e-mail support directly.

Be careful.
Dear Webmail User;

This mail is to inform all {webmail users} that we will be upgrading our site to help block spam. We are also having congestion due to the anonymous registration of accounts so we are shutting down some accounts and your account is among those to be deleted.

We are sending you this email to verify and let us know if you still want to use this account. Due to the congestion in mail server, Webmail would be shutting down all unused Accounts. To confirm your active account, you are require to send us your E-mail account details listed below These information would be needed to verify your account and to avoid being closed;

Please identify yourself:

* E-mail:
* User ID:
* Password:
* Re-type Password:
* Date of Birth:

Waiting to receive the details of your two emails.
Warning!!! Account owner that refuse to send this information after one weeks of receiving this warning will lose his/her webmail account permanently.

Webmaster Support Teams.
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