Proof of God or Just Funny?

Some things are so absurd they make you want to believe in God or karma. Others view them only as coincidence. I am still not sure where I stand in the discussion but have concluded that the universe contains immense stockpiles of humour.

It was a beautiful Sunday yesterday. Bright, warm and sunny. Perfect weather for putting the roof down and driving to my nephews birthday party and then to pick up my daughter. We both love the wind in the hair.

On returning home, we found that we could not get the roof up. For some reason, it would not move. Nothing could be done on a Sunday night, so we took up any valuables and left the roof down. Not such a big deal, as I park in an underground parking garage. I would take it to the mechanic the next morning, after dropping my daughter at school.

Did I mention that I live in Toronto? I awoke the next morning and found it a bit chilly. I looked out the window to see, of all things, SNOW. Yes, the white stuff.

My daughter still had to get to school so off we went, roof down with the snow falling. Of course, it was during rush hour so the traffic was tight and we moved slowly. She got to school rather damp. I returned home after that to get some work done. I am soon off to the garage.

I am attaching some pics of my snowy vehicle. Consider it my daily donation to the humour stockpile of the universe.

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