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A Great Ad. For the Liberal party?

Warren Kinsella called attention to this ad on his blog. Thanks Warren.

This is a fantastic ad, glorifying the triumph of hard work, persistence in the face of adversity and progress. Damned if this is not an ad for the Liberal Party of Canada. Or it should be. And if it is not, then why the hell not?


LPC leadership race – I want some fire in the belly

Audio Podcast: some initial thoughts after the second Liberal party leadership debate in Winnipeg.


Technology is more than wires and chips

Impressed that George Takach recognizes that technology is more than wires and chips


Tepid Liberal leadership debate won’t change anyone’s mind — about anything

Tepid Liberal leadership debate won’t change anyone’s mind — about anything.


I wonder if it is fair to say one is depressed when, in considering the future one’s brightest thoughts are a massive heart attack or a fatal accident?

Political Communications Strategy: The Chimpanzee Gambit

In the last week, I received at least 13 press releases from the Liberal Party. Of these, 4 were noting a milestone, like the anniversary of the Air India tragedy. The remainder were shots at the government for any number of real or perceived issues. The recurring image I get when looking at this list is a group of chimpanzees flinging their feces against a wall.

This week, the subject of the releases included:

  • Green Infrastructure Fund a Scam
  • Conservative Abuses of Power Plague Parliament
  • Conservatives Embarrass Canada on Global Stage
  • NDP Must Stop Protecting Dean Del Mastro

Perhaps I listen to too many political shows and read too many political blogs. Daily, I read and hear zealots trying to make mountains out of molehills by flinging issues against a wall and hoping something sticks. Using the multiple communication channels now available, party chimps throw out slanted content to the traditional media and try to augment it in the social media bubble. Tweets go out to teams of retweeters, hoping for mentions on television and in the newspapers.

The political environment in Canada is often described as toxic. Not surprising when the environment is full of shit.

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