Guilt by Association.

“One of the speakers at the rally was Faith Goldy…who regularly bemoans the erosion of “white identity.” Scheer spoke on the same platform that she did, ignoring what should be a toxic association.” #cdnpoli— Lisa Kinsella (@lisakinsella) February 26, 2019

When I read the above, the following lesson from my youth kept recurring in my head:

All dogs are animals;
All cats are animals;
Therefore, all cats are dogs

I suppose I am not the only one who was taught that the above was a logical fallacy. It is obvious that all cats are not dogs. But everywhere I look, I see this logical fallacy being used as if it is proof of intent, belief or motivation.

It was very apparent over the course of the last week. On one side, many people were stating, as if proven, that the Yellow Vests and their rolling protest to Ottawa were racist, white supremacist, xenophobic, etc because some who supported them or participated were seen as such. For those promoting this, nothing else mattered. Anything they said was not relevant because Faith Goldy and her ilk were there. Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was pilloried, as if he is a white supremacist.

I have never seen a group or a movement which did not have some crazies at the edges. I have seen groups taken over by the crazies. In the United States, the Republican Party was taken over in the early 1970’s by increasingly right wing nutbars, who were so divorced from reality that they believed that tax cuts would pay for themselves.

During the same week, we read more about the SNC-Lavalin, Judy Wilson-Reybould scandal. More about the idiocies on both sides of the political spectrum in a later post.

As you listen to idiots on all parts of the political spectrum, you will find the amount of logical fallacies spewed to be immense. When you hear one, I suggest you stop the speaker, roll over her and decimate him.

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