Nanos Poll: Ford Lead Expands

Earlier today, another Nanos poll was released regarding the Toronto mayoral race. You can read articles on the poll at the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star and

The excerpt below is from the Globe and Mail.

"With only five weeks to go until election day, Mr. Ford has the backing of 45.8 per cent of decided voters, while former front-runner George Smitherman has the support of 21.3 per cent of decided voters. Joe Pantalone (16.8 per cent), Rocco Rossi (9.7 per cent) and Sarah Thomson (6.4 per cent) round out the top five contenders, according to a Nanos Research telephone poll of 1,021 Torontonians conducted between Sept. 14 and Sept. 16."

I am a little surprised at this result. Frankly, I expected Ford to lose some support, though I did not know how much. I am amazed at the increased support for Ford.

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