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Rossi “Together We Can” Video

October 5, 2010 admin 0

I will do another entry on the content of the Together We Can plan published by Rocco Rossi today. However, this entry is to show you the associated video. It is well done and exciting. It also features your author at the beginning. The slightly hoarse voice at the start belongs to the fellow in the tan jacket. That would be yours truly.

Check out the video. I hope it leads you to visit and decide to vote Rossi for Mayor.

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Rossi Up the Middle for the Win?

September 28, 2010 admin 2

Rocco Rossi is entering October with a lot of work to do if he wants to become Mayor of Toronto. But there are reasons for Rossi supporters to be excited.

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How Rocco Can Triumph – 1. ROI

September 19, 2010 admin 2

As a voter, if I were to learn that Rocco’s promises were more than the usual political bullshit, that they provided a real and tangible return, I would pay him a lot more attention. Make the numbers real and the emotion will follow.

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Nanos Poll: Ford Lead Expands

September 19, 2010 admin 0

“With only five weeks to go until election day, Mr. Ford has the backing of 45.8 per cent of decided voters, while former front-runner George Smitherman has the support of 21.3 per cent of decided voters. Joe Pantalone (16.8 per cent), Rocco Rossi (9.7 per cent) and Sarah Thomson (6.4 per cent) round out the top five contenders, according to a Nanos Research telephone poll of 1,021 Torontonians conducted between Sept. 14 and Sept. 16.”

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On-site at the ICC Toronto Mayoral Debate

September 12, 2010 admin 0

I thought that if I was going to attend this debate, I might as well bring the notebook and note items of interest. Let’s see what happens.

The debate starts with 5 minutes by each of the candidates.

George starts with a Salaam Aleichem, Eid Mubarek. I will let you know if he says anything that cannot be found on his web site.