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Thanks Steve

October 5, 2011 admin 2

I still remember fondly the first computer ever to find its way into the family home. The Apple IIe was magic, allowing these clumsy finger to type badly, then delete the virtual mistakes.

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What the Liberals Do

October 1, 2011 admin 0

A picture is worth a thousand word. A cartoon, maybe five hundred. In any case, I think this is a great illustration of the talk […]

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Globalization and Outsourcing Questions

January 26, 2011 admin 2

I am told that our (North American) economies are transitioning to a service economy, providing high-value services while outsourcing manufacturing to low cost countries. This is supposed to keep our economies growing and grow the economies of our trading partners, increasing the size of the pie and raising the boat for all (mixed metaphor intentional).

Here are my questions: