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Wisdom makes me smile

October 27, 2011 admin 1

My friend Karen Mock passed this along to me and, as she wrote, it is too good not to pass along. A very self-important college […]

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Banal Discussion of Evil

October 11, 2011 admin 1

I ran across this on YouTube and, unfortunately, did not find it hard to believe. It is labeled Arab Men Should Sexually Harass Israeli Woman As Resistance.

What struck me was not just the suggestion that sexual harassment and rape should be used as a weapon of “resistance”. Given the current activities in Africa, rape as a weapon is hardly a unique concept. The suggestion and the woman suggesting it are both vile. What struck me was the nature of the conversation. If you did not read the translation, the two could be conversing about taxes.

There is a gulf between western and Arab culture which exceeds language and religion.

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Wonderful! Check these out

October 7, 2011 admin 0

On doing an image search, I came across these great pictures. I will definitely be framing some for my place. Have a look at Building a World – The Explodingdog Store.

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Thanks Steve

October 5, 2011 admin 2

I still remember fondly the first computer ever to find its way into the family home. The Apple IIe was magic, allowing these clumsy finger to type badly, then delete the virtual mistakes.