Religionists – A Reminder

It is never hard to find Muslim, Christian and other clerics talking about improving society by enforcing their religions on us all. Here is another, this time from a Muslim.


we need to behead democracy from its roots,everyday
we should attack their systems and replace it with islam

This is a good reminder to us on several points:
  1. This is not the video of an Islamist. There is not such thing. This is the video of an Muslim cleric.
  2. Islam is a violently proselytizing religion. True believers who know that the ends (gaining power for Islam) justify the means. (Note: for instructions for sickening and barbaric methods of proselytizing, please see the last millennium of history for both Islam and Christianity.)
  3. To those morons asking why Muslims come to the West if they are so much against western morals, it is because there is a long term strategy of proselytizing, which requires presence. It is much the same reason that missionaries set up shop in non-Christian countries – to share the "good news".
  4. The nature of the western world is compromise. Essentially urban, it is the process of setting law and policy amongst multiple heterogeneous races, religions and belief systems. Religious societies set a single belief system as correct and punish those who believe otherwise. For example, see Pakistan, Iran, the former Soviet Union and China.
  5. For those who say this philosophy is not representative of most Muslims, they are absolutely correct. Most Muslims, like most Christian, Jews and others in the western world, are not governed by their religion. We are governed by our acceptance of the laws and policies and morals of our country. We revel in its diversity because we understand the opportunities provided us by this diversity. We are Canadians who happen to be of certain religions.
  6. It is vital that the western world is constantly vigilant against religionists. We must abide the small number of people who want to make our countries increasingly subject to religious dogma, often under the aegis of "respect". In truth, we must have no respect for religion of any sort. The respect is for the citizen to be allowed to practice his or her faith, as long as it does not harm others.
  7. It is the right of the religionist to continually push to have their customs further integrated to the laws of the land. It is our responsibility and duty to continually say no to these requests.

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